Who Am I?


Jefferey James Baillie

I might just be some big dumbshit… with a lot of post secondary education in the arts… who really hasn’t done much with it yet…except all this crap.

Then again, I might still be a in a cocoon.. waiting to break forth, spreading my dusty wings into a big gray (nicely rendered) moth.

I’ve been saying that since I was 21.

The truth is I’m approaching my late 30’s and I wanna’ make some bread with my artwork, at least to justify all the $$$ my folks spent on my education.

Hire me to do an illustration or just enjoy my shit, and tell everyone about my blog..Stealing Heads!

I care about you deeply,



Email me at the address below or just post a comment anywhere in the blog. They are all forwarded to my hotmail account.



3 Responses to “Who Am I?”

  1. I am interested in your theories, and would like to subscribe to your propaganda newsletter. (read bum wipe) .

    Sending my brotherly love from the Frozen Capital of Canada!

    later bro,


  2. I would love to see more of your bible funnies…….and you and Jess too!

    I can’t believe how much stuff you’ve added, keep it up and I’ll help spread the word brother Jeff.

  3. Purple haired Pat Says:

    At last sweet bird of youth I’ve found you.

    Go ahead… dazzle me, delight me. Well, alright just draw me a picture.

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