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Posted in Illustrations on March 5, 2010 by jeffbaillie

Title: “Wood Eye (or Wooden Eye)”-illustration/10

Title: “Tortures of the Nicotine Dream”-illustration/09

Title: “Tiger Lily”-illustration/10

Title: “To Defend…or Attack”-illustration/10

Title: “Theatrum Mortis”-illustration/10

Title: “They Eat Their Young!!”-illustration/10

Title: “Quid Clarius Astris”-illustration/09

Title: “Lust”-illustration/10

Title: “Cracktivity”-illustration/10

Title: “Just Watch Your Rage”-illustration/10

Title: “Fly Fly (Oh My)”-illustration/09

Title: “Aqua Acerbus”-illustration/09

Title: “Hot Shit”-illustration/10