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A Very Sad Day… Indeed

Posted in Uncategorized on June 24, 2008 by jeffbaillie

George Carlin passed away from heart failure at the age of 71 on Sunday.

I can honestly say he is one of the biggest influences in my art, and a good percentage of my belief system, and will be sadly missed. His thoughts were genius. A modern philosopher who bravely faced early censorship laws and pioneered the art of comedic insight and introspection.

His logical “dark” humor showed us how ridiculous the human mammal is. How absolutely self important our society views itself. He called “bullshit” on most of our pretentious actions, ideals, rituals, language and world views (religion). But most importantly he was unbelievably funny.

He not only challenged the status quo, but always raised the bar, as is evident in his HBO specials (if viewed chronologically). Nothing was taboo and he was still doing this series and many stand-up dates into his seventies. I was very fortunate to have seen him at the Orpheum in Vancouver a couple years back.

Anyone who swears or uses language or ideas that may offend (a conservative mind) in films, books, compact discs or on television can thank him for breaking the ground. George Carlin was a great man and in his honor, and as a humble tribute, I am creating seven separate illustrations based on “The Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television”. His most famous sketch that got him arrested in 1972.

Of course You probably already know or can guess what they are;

“Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, CockSucker, MotherFucker, and Tits.”

Yup, all seven of them.

Well… So Long Georgie. I loved you, man.


Old Man Klassen…

Posted in Illustrations on June 13, 2008 by jeffbaillie

Title: “Old Man Klassen is A Dumb Nazi Asshole”-illustration/08

Well he is!

Man’s Best Friend?

Posted in Illustrations on June 10, 2008 by jeffbaillie

Title: “Steve and Rosie (Forbidden Love)”-illustration/08

C’mon… Beastiality is funny shit.

Plus, Think about this;

A dog is a unique animal  who will show multiple displays  of  recognized “love”.  Affection, loyalty, trust, protection and dependance are just a few of the “loving” traits associated with man’s best friend.

Often a dog will hump your leg. Is this beastiality? It’s technically performing a sexual act with you…or should this simply be referred to as humanality, taken from the animal’s point of view. Something to ponder…

Hey, Don’t get me wrong. I’ll never fuck a dog.