Title: “Taser Cop”-illustration(2007)

I made this “karmic” comic when I heard about this current event:

Robert Dziekański, a Polish immigrant who arrived at the Vancouver International Airport on October 13th 2007 died shortly after being tasered at least twice by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) after waiting 10 hours at the airport.

The infamous video had yet to be released to the public, but I had an idea that it was going to be big news. In my opinion, after actually seeing the footage, Robert Dziekański was not a dangerous threat to the four policemen involved.

I feel for most police. They have a really tough job. They deal with unpredictable evil skumbags everyday. But sometimes they lose their restraint, discretion, and become lazy. The use of a taser should be a last resort (before their gun) and not used when they don’t want to get their hands dirty.


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