They’re Heeere!

Title: “We’re Watching You”-sticker(2006)

This Illustration, turned sticker, was made when the idea of personalizing an image to speak to an individual flashed in my brain. I researched the top twelve most common male names in North America. Like John, James, Michael, David etc.

The idea was to print these names on the foreheads of the alien image and then put the stickers up in public places. Most viewers would dismiss the names, but eventually a person would get a little creepy feeling when they saw that the message was made just for them.

Title: “We’re Watching You, John”(detail)-sticker(2006)

One sticker has been up for a year and a half in a very high traffic public place. I wonder how many John’s have seen it? And how many of them, have then looked over their shoulder, with a little shiver of fear.


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