If The Weed Was Freed…

Title: “Wiseman’s Golden Mung”-illustration(2007)

Title: “Green Devil Sticky Icky”-illustration(2007)

Title: “Woodford’s Funny Bunny Blunts”-illustration(2007)

These three images were for a crossfire article on the legalization of marijuana. I once heard two major Canadian tobacco companies, Player’s and Export “A”, both have patents on packaging for when and if prohibition ceases. These are my fictitious attempts.

I poked some fun at Shane Woodford, one of the writers. I’ve never met the guy, but I assume he’s a good sport.


One Response to “If The Weed Was Freed…”

  1. Shane Woodford Says:

    Oh that Shane Woodford is a good sport and besides I figure taking a piss at me through illustrations is ok seeing as I hand Len his ass every week in our crossfire column.

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